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We’re delighted to be able to help our GPs to go about their work safe in the knowledge that they have the cover and support that they need.

We’re also confident that more GPs would benefit from joining the MDS family. However, we also know that GPs are busy people – we’re GPs too after all – and indemnity has, traditionally, not been something that many GPs have reviewed on a regular basis. Many of you had to settle for one of the ‘big three’ and stick by your choice out of necessity so that you were legally able to go about your work.

This is part of the reason why we set MDS up. We wanted to offer more choice and to break up an old system that didn’t seem fit for purpose. We vowed to give the best service and the best value for GPs and we’re proud to be doing that for our members.

Intrigued? Here’s what we think you’ll get from reviewing your GP indemnity in order to consider giving MDS a chance.

You can save money on your indemnity

Let’s not kid ourselves, we appreciate that everyone is after a good deal and that clearly means not paying over the odds.

We were staggered to see that the average cost of a GP indemnity had risen to about £8,000 a year – and we’ve been able to come up with a pricing model that has saved 10 to 30% a year for our GPs.

With so much scope for savings, there’s a genuine financial reason to have a review and ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

The Government is changing things

Even if you had no intention of thinking about your indemnity, the Government’s recent actions have made this a necessity.

From the beginning of April, a new state-backed indemnity scheme will be available to cover cases of clinical negligence.

While we welcome this – it’s important that GPs are aware that the cover will not extend to General Medical Council inquiries, NHS England investigations or inquests and court proceedings. It also doesn’t cover medico-legal advice or non-NHS work, so that means things such as DVLA work or employee medicals fall outside the state scheme’s scope. In short, there’s still an acute need for MDO cover.

The reforms – which are part of wider changes to the GP contract – are likely to naturally prompt a review of the cover you need and the obvious extension of this is to weigh up the policies offered by alternative providers too.

We’re just for GPs

We think that GPs deserve indemnity provider who understands their job, is proud to protect their professional reputation and is dedicated to serving their specific needs.

We don’t think the old established order was able to do that – they’re focussed on medical professionals more generally – and that’s why we’re created by GPs for GPs, offering that bespoke service that GPs deserve and need.

In our mission statement we vow to DEFEND:

Defend and respect the GP voice
Empower our staff
Friendly customer service for each member
Empathy with each member during a time of crisis
Nimble, being agile to deliver a personalised approach whenever we can
Desire to be the best

We feel that reviewing your indemnity gives you the option to consider the level of service you receive and embrace a GP-centred indemnity.

We’re offering a referral scheme

Our new referral scheme offers another great reason to consider reviewing your GP indemnity at the earliest available opportunity.

If any of our members refers another GP to us then – to show our gratitude for helping to grow the MDS family – we’ll offer both parties a 5% discount off their membership costs.

Our members can refer up to four GPs each – meaning that they can earn up to 20% off their membership.


Convinced? Why not get in touch so that we can explain our membership offering in full and help you to get the benefit of a cost effective indemnity that is especially designed for GPs.