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Members of the Medical Defense Society will soon see a fresh new look and logo on our website and in our written communications.

Since going live in 2017, Medical Defense Society has steadily grown in size. Now in 2020, we have firmly established our place in the MDO market. Our growth results from our ability to stand out from our competitors, with our individually tailored service to each GP. This is reflected in our new company image.

Our memorable new logo distinguishes us ¬from the rest of the MDOs in the market that use acronyms – Medical Defense Society is a unique service created by GPs for GPs. We are proud to offer a high quality, personalised service led by experts who know the challenges faced by GPs.
Although our look is changing, our operations will be unaffected. We will carry on providing an excellent service to our members as usual.

For 24/7 support contact Medical Defense Society.