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Switch now to Medical Defense Society

In recent years, many of us have become accustomed to switching financial service providers to get a better deal. Whether it’s gas and electric, car insurance or even current accounts, the process of switching has become simpler than ever and has proved lucrative for customers.

If your membership is up for renewal it is time for GPs to embrace the switching culture. By moving to a new indemnity provider, GPs can save themselves a lot of money, while getting a dedicated service that they can rely on to cover them for their work.

Choose to switch to MDS today. You’ll benefit from:

A flexible pricing model with low hourly rates starting from 51p per hour

Not having to fill in a full application form – we already know you from your private GP work

A quick start date – you can switch to us within seven days

An instant quote online – you don’t need to wait to see what a great deal you’ll get

Switching indemnity providers also makes perfect sense given the new ways in which many GPs work. Recent years have also seen a rising demand for private GP services – and many GPs choose to supplement their NHS work by fulfilling this demand.

At MDS, we’re proud to work with private companies to ensure the GPs carrying out this work receive appropriate cover. This is especially pertinent in a world in which the government has launched a state-backed indemnity scheme that doesn’t cover any private work.

We’re now able to announce a special offer to those GPs who are already MDS members for your private work with our new simple switching service.

We’re confident that we can offer the same high standard of cover for your NHS work if you switch your full indemnity to us and make MDS your MDO of choice for all your GP work.

We’re experienced in cover that caters for all types of GP work and are happy to build flexible packages that reflect the cover you need and the balance you have between NHS and non-NHS work.

Medical Defense Society works with hundreds of GPs across the country to provide them with indemnity cover that is tailored to their needs.

We’re committed to giving a first-class service to all of our members and to using our experience and expertise as GPs to deliver cover that reflects the challenges of the role in an ever-evolving environment.

Why not help us make your life easy and bring all your indemnity under one dedicated provider? Click here for an instant quote and switch to MDS.