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Membership Options

Our aim is to simplify GP indemnity and to ensure we keep membership fees as affordable as possible without compromising on our high quality of service. We have a team who takes pride in providing excellent customer care and makes sure all your indemnity needs are well taken care of. Our medico-legal advisers are available for assistance and support 24/7 – 365 days a year, to ensure you can work with peace of mind.

Our indemnity is occurrence-based, which means that there will never be any run-off fees to worry about; your membership fee is all-inclusive. Your indemnity will remain valid with us for the period of your membership even if you decide to leave us, leave the profession, or retire.

We take pride in being able to offer a truly flexible and friendly service, and being able to adjust to your needs as a GP throughout your career.

For any enquiries, contact us: info@medicaldefensesociety.com

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GP with state-backed indemnity

Professional Defence Package (PDP) / Legal cover for a GP with state-backed indemnity

This membership is for GPs who work for NHS in England and Wales, and/or have state-backed indemnity. It also applies to NHS GPs working from abroad – either temporarily, or on permanent basis.  

Whilst the state-backed indemnity covers clinical negligence for you, our PDP / Legal cover will take care of any medico-legal issues you may be faced with at work, complaint responses, GMC investigations etc.

Our memberships are provided on an annual basis, but temporary / short term memberships may also be available on request. Please contact us to enquire.

PDP includes the following:

  • GMC investigations
  • 24/7 medico-legal assistance, support and representation, all associated legal costs
  • Help with complaints and complaint responses
  • Assistance with handling ethical / other professional issues
  • HR & employment support
  • Disciplinary proceedings

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For any enquiries, contact us:   info@medicaldefensesociety.com

Private GP Membership

Our private membership is for GPs who do not have state-backed indemnity.

Membership can be provided to GPs working from abroad (for an online GP provider, for example), as long as this has been appropriately set up and agreed with the employer.

We offer private membership on an annual basis, but temporary / short term memberships are also available. Please contact us to enquire.

Some of the Private GP activities we cover are:

  • Generic Private GP (incl. minor operations)
  • Online GP work
  • Functional Medicine/Lifestyle
  • Menopause/Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Health Assessments
  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Medico-legal reports
  • Occupational Health
  • Private GP at Sports games (excl. professional athletes)

The above list is not all-inclusiveIf you need a different activity covered please contact us to enquire.

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For any enquiries, contact us:    info@medicaldefensesociety.com

GP in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands

We can help you with a fully comprehensive membership including clinical negligence, 24/7 medico-legal advice, support and representation, GMC investigations, help with complaints, HR & Employment issues etc. All associated legal costs are included in this membership too.  

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For any enquiries, contact us:    info@medicaldefensesociety.com

Private Group / Corporate Membership

Our Group / Corporate membership is available for private GP clinics and corporations.   

By taking a group membership for the GPs at your organisation, you will ensure that all their indemnity needs have been met, and can rest assured our expert medico-legal team will be available to assist with any complaints, claims or other incidents that may arise from their clinical work with you.

Nurses, ANPs, Pharmacists, Paramedics, HCAs etc. can be included in the membership too.

If you would like to organise a group membership for your clinic/organisation, or have any questions related to this, please contact us: info@medicaldefensesociety.com

NHS Practice Membership

Practice membership is available for surgeries where all Partners and salaried GPs have a membership with us.

Practice membership includes:

  • Membership for practice manager
  • Membership for regulated and non-regulated practice staff*
  • 24/7 medico-legal advice line
  • Free CQC advice
  • Free HR support
  • Support with patient complaints etc.

For any enquiries, contact us:    info@medicaldefensesociety.com

*Excluding GPs.