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Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

1. The scheme is available to all individual members.

2. 5% reward of your current annual membership fee will be given to you as a discount at renewal for each GP who will take an annual membership with us. The discount becomes redeemable once the colleague has been a member for 3 consecutive months.  

3. You can earn up to 100% monetary equivalent to be applied to your renewal fee during any membership year.  

4. The 5% discount will only apply when referral link has been used to apply for membership with us. It cannot be redeemed retrospectively for GPs who have used the application form on our website without the referral link.  

5. The total redeemable discount will be calculated at the end of your membership year, and is based on the total fees paid that year.  You can earn up to 100% of your current annual fee for referrals that become approved and redeemable. The monetary value of this will be applied to your renewal fee only – the reward has no other monetary value, and no rebates can be given from it.  

6. In the event of cancellation or changed (reduced hours) of membership where this has been wholly or partly covered by the referral discount -no rebates will be given from the part covered by the discount.  

7. The discount will be used as the first paid part of your renewal fee.  

8. If more than one member refers the same GP, the discount will be applied to the member whose referral code is linked with the application.  

9. The discount only applies once to each new member.   

10. Discounts can only be applied from referred GPs who have not been active members of Medical Defense Society previously.  

11. Any discount, which has not reached ‘Redeemable’ status by the end of your membership year (when the total discounts will be calculated), can be rolled over into the subsequent year.  

12. No cash alternative can be made.  

13. Any rebates required for a previous membership year at renewal must be requested prior to redeeming the discount, and prior to the discount having been applied to renewal fee.