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GPs can save up to 20% off the cost of their indemnity thanks to a new referral scheme.

Medical Defense Society, the only MDO designed and established by GPs for GPs, is looking to reward members who can help to attract new members.

If any MDS member refers a new GP then both parties – the new and existing member – will receive 5% discount off their membership costs.

Each MDS member is able to refer up to four new GPs as part of the referral scheme, meaning that they can save up to 20% in total.

Rewarding our members

MDS CEO Rohan Simon said: “We’re extremely grateful to our existing members for the role they have played in helping to establish our business. From the very start, we wanted to offer a membership service that gave a fairer deal for GPs and we’ve been able to deliver on that promise thanks to the support from the GPs who put their faith and trust in us.

“We’re always delighted to hear your positive feedback and we know that your personal recommendations play a powerful role in persuading others to join the MDS family.

“That’s why we were keen to launch this referral scheme and reward you for playing your part.

“We’re confident that we can impress GPs with our dedicated indemnity service and that, together, we can continue to grow.”

Many GPs have been considering a review of their indemnity in light of the new state-backed scheme.

If you want to find out more about what MDS’ cover includes or wish to discuss the referral scheme in greater detail, contact us today.